VINTAGE HOLIDAYS #3 - Mid-century Modern New Year's Eve Cocktail Party

If you decided to throw a New Years Eve Party at home but you are not sure how to make it cool but effortless, check out the ideas I was collecting for you!

We've just survived the Christmas dinner and lunch guests so what I don't want to do for sure is something fancy, elegant or complicated...what is easy but cool sticking to the vintage theme?
A mid-century modern cocktail party, what else!

First let's see some photos "mood board style" to get the feeling, than cocktail and apetizer recipes and finally Etsy finds as usual

Mid-century Modern New Years Eve Party
You couldn't go wrong with a bit of mid-century coolness, all you need is a record player stuffed with 60s music, a Med Man style cocktail bar and a buffet with some atomic era bowls, pyrex and cathrineholm filled with "chips and dips" and party snacks

mid century modern party at home

VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Antique Style Christmas Dinner

After the Retro Halloween and Shabby Chic Thanksgiving, this time I was collecting some interesting ideas how to decorate our home for a Christmas dinner in a vintage way.

I would do an elegant white and gold "Antique style Christmas Dinner", as usual I was collecting some inspiring pictures and great vintage finds from Etsy

If I manage, I would like to post a few pictures of the Christmas decor of our home and other places I will visit during the Holidays (yes, my future-in-laws for sure :)

Antique style Christmas Dinner

What is more chic than gold and white together? And it's so easy, all you need is a white base, let's say a beautiful old linen tablecloth, than just mix antique and modern, like antique silverware and modern glasses, and give it a unique taste with some interesting (inexpensive) details as cotton branches in a vase, lavender flowers in the drinks or white porcelain tableware hanging from the chandeliers

antique white christmas table

Vintage Christmas Gifts for Women

I was collecting some gift ideas for guys recently so now let's see what the ladies want for Christmas!

Vintage Christmas gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, mother-in-law, sister, daughter... and don't forget about the hostess!


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Vintage Christmas Gifts for Men

I am planning to start a series of posts to help you find the perfect vintage Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Let's start with the hardest - Christmas gift ideas for men - husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, son, nephews and so on...

vintage Christmas gift for man


Thanks to my beloved Mom, recently I had the opportunity to visit Transylvania - or "Erdely" as it's called in Hungarian. 

It was a wonderful trip, we were visiting beautiful art nouveau cities, lovely small towns hidden in the mountains, a great folk art market...and we saw a lot of poverty, huge gipsy castles, collapsing world heritage monuments, a lot of strange things as well.

If you would like to know a bit more about this controversial place...check out my visual diary:

main street of Nagyvarad / Oradea

art nouveau palace Nagyvarad / Oradea

VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Retro Halloween, Shabby Chic Thanksgiving

The Holidays are approaching faster than ever, soon time to think about the gifts, the menu and last but not least how to decorate our home?!

I am planning to write another time about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, first let's see the more urgent ones, some DIY home decor ideas for a "retro Halloween" and a "shabby chic Thanksgiving"!

Hopefully this year - if we manage to plan more in advance - we will also be able to quarrel less with our loved ones during the Holiday season...

Vintage table decorations, antique centerpieces, retro wreaths, DIY tips and as usual, beautiful Etsy finds!

Mix it up! - Vintage Halloween decorations
Holidays are great because you can display all the kitchy, golden, shiny, "too much" stuff you have, especially for Halloween, don't be shy to mix antique glasses with vintage colorful pottery and hand-made paper masks on the same shelf!

vintage Halloween decorations retro

more retro Halloween at bhg

Recycle, repurpose, upcycle, reclaim - turn it to home decor!

How to turn all the beautiful old junk we were were collecting over the years to something useful but at least decorative?

Antique clothes, vintage textiles, industrial objects, old furniture or lovely collection of useless vintage household to bring new life into them? How to give them a new function?

You can call it recycling, upcycling, repurposing, reclaiming or being enviromentally friendly and going green, fancy words for the same feelings "please can I keep it?" "no way that I have to throw it out"

I was collecting some great home decor ideas how to recycle old treasures, and of course I will advice some etsy finds, gorgeous materials for the crafty and ready-to-use repurposed stuff for the lazier

Chic repurposed mirror from an antique door
more ideas to reuse old doors dishfunctionaldesigns 

recycled antique door

Vintage home, interior tour #1 time to confess

New series for vintage lovers - I am planning to show time to time some real vintage homes, interiors and of course etsy finds - to copy their style

As I am mentioning on my shop's about page, in my case the vintage addiction is definitely the fault of some really inspiring women with great vintage home decorating taste...the whole thing started with my creative Mom and lately there is also the Mom of my boyfriend, they both have an excellent eye for harmony and their home is full of wonderful vintage stuff, I just love being there...

So now, the first time I want to show a lovely bedroom furnished by my "future mother in law". Their main bedroom is a delft blue and white antique interior with beautiful vintage Murano glass lamps, antique mirrors in golden frame, colorful paintings, sweet old things and memories

vintage bedroom reading corner

Vintage for the kids?!

Yes for vintage toys! We love them! Sure! But can the kids really play with it? Do they like it by the way?! How to make a retro room for the little ones or shabby chic nursery?

This time I was collecting some great examples of vintage spaces for children, toys, furniture and wall decor ideas for the room of the next generation of vintage lovers!

Because, in my opinion, you couldn't start early enough to develop their sense of beauty, to create the need of having nice things and harmony around them...

Vintage toys on the wall like decopeques
Old toys are not always safe or just not so attractive for the kids -
but why don't we make gorgeous wall decor with them?

vintage toys on the wall

How to set the table in a vintage way?!

Guests usually love a unique vintage style wedding reception, engagement, birthday, Christmas party or a simple dinner decoration...such a fun idea...but where to start, and most importantly how to make an impression without spending a fortune?

I was collecting some inspiring examples of vintage table settings and retro food styling photo shoots, all simple and inexpensive ideas to create a unique atmosphere

Keep it simple! - elegant vintage table setting from twigandthistle

wooden table, white linen runners, white plates, clear glasses and candles - less is more!

elegant rustic table setting

Vintage office furniture ideas not only for Med Men fans

Lately I saw so many lovely vintage office stuff on the internet, I could totally imagine having a vintage office, especially in case it's a home office...the questions are always the same "but where is the border between functional objects and "useless" decoration?" "what is the right proportion of vintage and modern in the mix?"

I was collecting some inspiring retro office interior examples and great vintage office finds, let me know if you found it useful!

vintage office inspiration from Med Men (photos from prweb)

mad men office

What to do with crochet doilies?!

Crocheted doilies are beautiful, easy to fall in love with them in an antique shop or a garage sale...but after the weak moment of the purchase we are often concerned how to use these cute little lace gems avoiding the "spinster-style"

Some DIY ideas how to create lovely shabby chic feeling in your home fast and easy!

set the table with doilies, use them as chic coasters or table-runner

vintage crochet placemat and coaster

Decorative wall plates for vintage lovers

Wall plates seem to be one of the hottest ideas "how to refresh a bit your home" for this can even call it your new DIY project if you feel like

Put some decorative plates on the wall or on a shelf...pick some similar ones or make them all very different...the opportunities of this evergreen topic are unlimited

Which style is the closest to your taste?

layered and randomized wall plates like thenester?

layered wall plates