Recycle, repurpose, upcycle, reclaim - turn it to home decor!

How to turn all the beautiful old junk we were were collecting over the years to something useful but at least decorative?

Antique clothes, vintage textiles, industrial objects, old furniture or lovely collection of useless vintage household to bring new life into them? How to give them a new function?

You can call it recycling, upcycling, repurposing, reclaiming or being enviromentally friendly and going green, fancy words for the same feelings "please can I keep it?" "no way that I have to throw it out"

I was collecting some great home decor ideas how to recycle old treasures, and of course I will advice some etsy finds, gorgeous materials for the crafty and ready-to-use repurposed stuff for the lazier

Chic repurposed mirror from an antique door
more ideas to reuse old doors dishfunctionaldesigns 

recycled antique door

Vintage home, interior tour #1 time to confess

New series for vintage lovers - I am planning to show time to time some real vintage homes, interiors and of course etsy finds - to copy their style

As I am mentioning on my shop's about page, in my case the vintage addiction is definitely the fault of some really inspiring women with great vintage home decorating taste...the whole thing started with my creative Mom and lately there is also the Mom of my boyfriend, they both have an excellent eye for harmony and their home is full of wonderful vintage stuff, I just love being there...

So now, the first time I want to show a lovely bedroom furnished by my "future mother in law". Their main bedroom is a delft blue and white antique interior with beautiful vintage Murano glass lamps, antique mirrors in golden frame, colorful paintings, sweet old things and memories

vintage bedroom reading corner

Vintage for the kids?!

Yes for vintage toys! We love them! Sure! But can the kids really play with it? Do they like it by the way?! How to make a retro room for the little ones or shabby chic nursery?

This time I was collecting some great examples of vintage spaces for children, toys, furniture and wall decor ideas for the room of the next generation of vintage lovers!

Because, in my opinion, you couldn't start early enough to develop their sense of beauty, to create the need of having nice things and harmony around them...

Vintage toys on the wall like decopeques
Old toys are not always safe or just not so attractive for the kids -
but why don't we make gorgeous wall decor with them?

vintage toys on the wall

How to set the table in a vintage way?!

Guests usually love a unique vintage style wedding reception, engagement, birthday, Christmas party or a simple dinner decoration...such a fun idea...but where to start, and most importantly how to make an impression without spending a fortune?

I was collecting some inspiring examples of vintage table settings and retro food styling photo shoots, all simple and inexpensive ideas to create a unique atmosphere

Keep it simple! - elegant vintage table setting from twigandthistle

wooden table, white linen runners, white plates, clear glasses and candles - less is more!

elegant rustic table setting