VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Retro Halloween, Shabby Chic Thanksgiving

The Holidays are approaching faster than ever, soon time to think about the gifts, the menu and last but not least how to decorate our home?!

I am planning to write another time about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, first let's see the more urgent ones, some DIY home decor ideas for a "retro Halloween" and a "shabby chic Thanksgiving"!

Hopefully this year - if we manage to plan more in advance - we will also be able to quarrel less with our loved ones during the Holiday season...

Vintage table decorations, antique centerpieces, retro wreaths, DIY tips and as usual, beautiful Etsy finds!

Mix it up! - Vintage Halloween decorations
Holidays are great because you can display all the kitchy, golden, shiny, "too much" stuff you have, especially for Halloween, don't be shy to mix antique glasses with vintage colorful pottery and hand-made paper masks on the same shelf!

vintage Halloween decorations retro

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