Vintage Christmas Gifts for Men

I am planning to start a series of posts to help you find the perfect vintage Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Let's start with the hardest - Christmas gift ideas for men - husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, son, nephews and so on...

vintage Christmas gift for man


Thanks to my beloved Mom, recently I had the opportunity to visit Transylvania - or "Erdely" as it's called in Hungarian. 

It was a wonderful trip, we were visiting beautiful art nouveau cities, lovely small towns hidden in the mountains, a great folk art market...and we saw a lot of poverty, huge gipsy castles, collapsing world heritage monuments, a lot of strange things as well.

If you would like to know a bit more about this controversial place...check out my visual diary:

main street of Nagyvarad / Oradea

art nouveau palace Nagyvarad / Oradea