LATELY - New OrsaMaggiore Projects in the Making

Vintage home decor gold brown

We were busy bees lately, balancing between our day-time job, developing a new product line for Orsa Maggiore Vintage, starting a new business venture...


We have to accept that the summer is over, but we have some good news too!

ON VACATION - the whole shop on sale!

Orsa Maggiore Vintage will take a break in August, we will be on vacation but the shop remains open with a huge Summer Sale on every item!

ORSA MAGGIORE ADVENTURES - Stockholm Vintage Guide

The week we spent in Stockholm was such an experience that I couldn't resist to share with you some of the best moments. 

The main reason of our trip was the marathon, but I managed to stuff in as much vintage shops and Swedish design temples as possible ;) not to mention the gorgeous apartment where we stayed...after the jump you can find all the details of the places a vintage fan shouldn't miss when visiting Stockholm
And good news if you are not able to visit this Nordic gem soon - you don't even have to go there to shop there - most of the cool shops have even cooler webshops!

A weekend in Stockholm
Stockholm Sodermalm disctrict

CURRENTLY CRAVING - Vintage Garden Party

Even if it's raining all the time, summer is here and I am craving for a nice BBQ party with some home-made mojitos...

After the jump you can see the full list of the things I would love to buy right now from Etsy to create the perfect vintage garden/patio "colorful retro" or "vintage white" style

colorful retro garden/patiowhite vintage garden/patio

ORSA MAGGIORE ADVENTURES - Excited for Stockholm

Off to Stockholm! I am beyond excited, have soooo many plans, wish me luck to accomplish at least 50% of them

NEXT SHIPPING on the 4th of June for all orders

See you next week
Orsa Maggiore Vintage

MARKET LOVE - Mercato Piazza Verdi Rome

I hope you had a very nice weekend just like me, I went to this great flea market of Rome called "Mercatino Piazza Verdi" it was so much fun!

As soon as I have some time to edit the photos I will start to write a post about the best flea and hand-made "mercatini" of Rome

FROM THE WEEKEND - Summer breeze

Lately I am trying I spend a lot of time doing nothing just enjoying our wondeful roof-garden... 

PINTERESTING - vintage Scandinavian design, Mayor sofa by Arne Jackobsen

Pinterest was a bit strange for me in the very beginning, than I got addicted to it and became fast my main source of inspiration. Time to time there is something which seems to catch my attention more, sometimes I realize to have the same object on every second picture only when browsing my albums... and I start to wonder where would it be possible to find it, because I NEED it, and unfortunately it's not always an easy question on Pinterest, usually it's pretty hard to track down the pins...
So I thought "I should share it at least with you guys on the blog, once I've found it"

Lately it was this sofa:

Arne Jackobsen Mayor sofa &Tradition

CURRENTLY CRAVING - Mad Men Style Highlights S06E0102

Our weekly dose of vintage style, Mad Man is finally back! 
Did you watch the season premiere? How do you feel about the new late 60's style? Happy to see some colorful Pucci patterns thanks to Megan or still prefer Joan's sensual dresses and missing Betty's sophisticated elegance?

If you are like me you just can't stop thinking about the cool stuff you saw and WANT all of it...
After the jump - must haves from the opening episode of the 6th season and where to get them

Mad Men style season 6 Hawaii sunglasses Joan costume brooch

VINTAGE EASTER EGG - DIY shabby chic lace decor

I am not really doing DIY posts on Orsa Maggiore Vintage, but - if you know me it won't be a surprise for you - besides my vintage obsession I am pretty crafty as well

This year magically I've managed to decorate some Easter eggs in time and they are soooo pretty that I decided to write a short tutorial for you out there - maybe you are hunting for vintage Easter decor inspiration these days

If you would like to create similar shabby chic Easter eggs, after the jump you can find the detailed process of "naturally dyed eggs decorated with lace and kitchen twine"

VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Easter floral / geometric decor

I love to decorate our home for Easter, finally I can put fresh flowers everywhere and I am craving for a few new colourful, bright decoration to freshen things up a bit

Also "Easter egg hunt" was the biggest fun ever thanks to my beloved creative Mom, can't wait to do the same with my little ones

Following this season's trends everything gets floral or geometric/chevron and never forget about our vintage addiction...

After the jump you can see more beautiful things what I would love to buy from Etsy

COLOR TRENDS 2013 SPRING SUMMER - vintage mood boards

Lately on our facebook page you can find daily a vintage mood-board - inspired by a different color every day, based on the 2013 spring summer pantone trend color forecast - and from now on we will upload them here on the blog as well.

Emerald green, lemon zest, monaco blue, poppy red, linen, dusk blue, tender shoots, grayed jade, african violet, nectarine...Soooo which is your favorite?

vintage lemon zest

VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Red and Pink Vintage Valentine's Party

As I mentioned before, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but this time we happened to have some friends over so I couldn't resist to make the buffet table red and pink
I wanted to take it really easy so no hearts and cheesy messages just a lot of red and pink food and as much vintage and retro china and silverware as possible ;) The keyword would be mix and match I guess...

vintage table setting red pink


What could make a rainy, cold Monday a bit happier if not a vintage fairy tale and some nice pictures of beautiful vintage leather handbags

The Herm├Ęs Kelly bag is probably the most emblematic purse of the 60s made popular by grace Kelly and Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis

Keep on reading for the story and the Kelly bags currently on sale at the Orsa Maggiore Vintage Shop

ANTIQUE LACE SHAWL - vintage bridal veil from the Napolean era

I wanted to show you this gorgeous antique lace shawl what I happened to see the other day
Besides the fact that it's a truly breathtaking antique lace wedding veil, it has a pretty interesting story as well

1800s antique lace bridal veil

VINTAGE VALENTINES - gift and decor ideas

vintage valentine day gift ideas

To be honest I am not a huge fan of Valentines, I prefer to surprise my other half often with small agree with me or not, I made a collection for you guys including my latest favourite Etsy finds, I really hope that all of you will find something that makes you smile

LATELY - A Fresh Start

First of all sorry for the silent January! I took a break to visit my family in Hungary and I needed some time to think about how to proceed with Orsa Maggiore Vintage in 2013

As you can see the blog changed a bit alrealdy and even more changes are about to come, plus I have a lot of plans with the shop too! So stay tuned, thanks a lot once again for your curiosity and keep up with the good job! 

Hope you all had a very nice January and see you in 2013 more often - I sware :)

If you are curious what did I do at home, here you can check some of my fav pictures including great food we ate, my Mom's sweet place and the beautiful theater of Kecskemet 
(and yes, I am planning to go a bit more often personal on the blog, hope you won't mind)

family Sunday lunch vintage porcelain