VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Red and Pink Vintage Valentine's Party

As I mentioned before, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but this time we happened to have some friends over so I couldn't resist to make the buffet table red and pink
I wanted to take it really easy so no hearts and cheesy messages just a lot of red and pink food and as much vintage and retro china and silverware as possible ;) The keyword would be mix and match I guess...

vintage table setting red pink


What could make a rainy, cold Monday a bit happier if not a vintage fairy tale and some nice pictures of beautiful vintage leather handbags

The Herm├Ęs Kelly bag is probably the most emblematic purse of the 60s made popular by grace Kelly and Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis

Keep on reading for the story and the Kelly bags currently on sale at the Orsa Maggiore Vintage Shop

ANTIQUE LACE SHAWL - vintage bridal veil from the Napolean era

I wanted to show you this gorgeous antique lace shawl what I happened to see the other day
Besides the fact that it's a truly breathtaking antique lace wedding veil, it has a pretty interesting story as well

1800s antique lace bridal veil

VINTAGE VALENTINES - gift and decor ideas

vintage valentine day gift ideas

To be honest I am not a huge fan of Valentines, I prefer to surprise my other half often with small agree with me or not, I made a collection for you guys including my latest favourite Etsy finds, I really hope that all of you will find something that makes you smile

LATELY - A Fresh Start

First of all sorry for the silent January! I took a break to visit my family in Hungary and I needed some time to think about how to proceed with Orsa Maggiore Vintage in 2013

As you can see the blog changed a bit alrealdy and even more changes are about to come, plus I have a lot of plans with the shop too! So stay tuned, thanks a lot once again for your curiosity and keep up with the good job! 

Hope you all had a very nice January and see you in 2013 more often - I sware :)

If you are curious what did I do at home, here you can check some of my fav pictures including great food we ate, my Mom's sweet place and the beautiful theater of Kecskemet 
(and yes, I am planning to go a bit more often personal on the blog, hope you won't mind)

family Sunday lunch vintage porcelain